Best American Muscle Cars in Social Media 2014

Believe it or not there are barely only 2 more months left in 2014 and I thought this would be a great time to see where our favorite American Muscle cars rank when it comes to the ultimate word of mouth: their fans on social media networks Facebook & Twitter. I plan to add another for Google+ and possibly others in a future post, but these 2 mega networks should suffice for now.

The definition of American Muscle car seems to have changed over the years, but just to clarify, I will be ranking just the top muscle cars, the cream of the crop. You won’t find any Chrysler 300s with HEMI’s on this list.

Now I know there are tons of variations of every muscle car, so I will keep this as basic and bare bones as possible so we can get a fair picture of every brand and see just how much we love our loud ass gas guzzlers. Here we go.

Most Popular American Muscle by FACEBOOK likes on their official fan pages (and % of fans that come from the USA):

Ford Mustang – 8,011,913 (31.2% US)

Chevy Camaro – 4,385,042 (55.8% US)

Chevy Corvette** – 2,858,314 (24.4% US)… 10% India

Dodge Challenger – 1,852,113 (27.8% US) … 10.7% Mexico

Dodge Viper – 559,080 (18.9% US)… 9.4% India

Dodge Charger – 155,464* (37.5% US)

* the Dodge Charger SRT8 had another 25,693 likes, still low.
** the Corvette C7 Stingray had another 246,803 likes

Most Popular American Muscle by TWITTER followers and Klout score:

@FordMustang (Ford Mustang) – 254,000 (69 Klout)
@CorvetteRacing (Chevy Corvette) – 40.3k (64 Klout)
@driveSRT (Generic Dodge SRT account) – 60.2k (65 Klout)

Worth noting that Chevy Corvette, Camaro, Dodge Challenger, Viper & Charger do not have dedicated Twitter accounts. Dodge Viper is under the umbrella of the @driveSRT account but that also includes a Dart, so…. what gives guys?

Ok, let’s just use the manufacturer by itself here for shits & giggles:

@ford (All of Ford Motors) – 551k (93 Klout)
@chevrolet (All of Chevy) – 530k (92 Klout)
@dodge (All of Dodge) – 351k (87 Klout)

Without going any further, by all measures it’s pretty unanimous that the king of social media buzz and love for American Muscle cars is owned by Ford and the Ford Mustang. The masses have spoken. Great work on all fronts from the social media and awareness teams at Ford Mo Co for making this happen, impressive numbers.

In case you were wondering, what the heck is Klout? It’s like your credit score in the social media world, the higher the number, the more Internet cred you hold (and the more companies are willing to pay you to advertise with them).

Convertible demand has tanked over last seven years

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Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

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Few things match the joy of open-roofed motoring. The wind runs through your hair, the sun beats down and the trees flash overhead, and it’s then that you realize that this elemental experience is just better than being permanently ensconced in stylized cage of steel and glass. Unfortunately for a lot of convertible manufacturers, consumers are unaware of this truth.

That’s bad news for the sun worshipers among us, as a new report from Automotive News Europe indicates that falling demand for droptops is not just turning off automakers, but it’s actually impacting the contracted manufacturers whose primary focus is canvas roofs and folding hardtops.

According to ANE, convertible sales are down from 5.4 percent of sales in the first half of 2007 to just 3.3 percent in 2014, a situation that is untenable for the three largest manufacturers of convertible roofs, according to one CEO.

Holger Engelmann, the CEO of the world’s largest convertible system supplier, Webasto, told ANE if convertible sales continue to decline, the market won’t be strong enough to support his company and its two main competitors, Magna CTS and Valmet, the second and third largest manufacturers, respectively.

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Kids 39% more likely to buy parents’ car brand

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Children are a blank slate. They draw their habits, behaviors and mannerisms from their parents. If you subscribe to that viewpoint, then this study out of Michigan State University won’t really come as a surprise. According to Soren Anderson, and MSU economist, kids are 39 percent more likely to buy cars from the brands their parents support.

So, if your parents buy Jeeps, there’s a strong correlation that you’re going to end up behind a seven-slat grille at some point. Same goes for Cadillac owners, Toyota fans and Bimmerphiles.

The on-going study drew this correlation after surveying 4,300 adult children and their 2,600 parents. The nationwide surveys were held every two years between 1999 and 2011 and brands were bunched by ownership, so for example, rather than listing Cadillac, Chevrolet, Buick and GMC independently, General Motors was the sole option.

“In theory, these findings could change the way automakers price and market their cars,” Anderson claims. “Is this really about the cars or could it be other factors, like parents and children tending to be more similar to each other than other people? We’re pretty sure it has something to do with the cars themselves.”

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Acura TLX’s early sales results look promising

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2015 Acura TLX

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Acura made a bold move earlier this year when it decided to axe two fairly popular models in the TL and TSX and replaced them with a single sedan: the TLX. After all, how often have you seen modern automakers consolidating vehicles in the lineup? But early indications have shown that the gamble might have paid off, at least so far, because the TLX has been outselling its predecessors for its first months on sale.

Acura has only released TLX sales numbers so far for August and September, but the results have been promising. In August, the company moved 2,286 of the new sedans, beating last year’s figures for the same month from both the TL at 2,227 sold and the TSX at 1,755. Then in September, the newcomer did even better with 3,884 units leaving dealers to surpass the two previous vehicles combined from their 2013 monthly stats.

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